Health Information Sources Awareness, Use and Service Delivery of Resident Doctors in Babcock University Teaching Hospital, Ogun State

  • Maria Ehioghae Babcock University Medical Library, Ilishan Remo, Ogun State
  • Vincent E. Unegbu Department of Information Resource Management Babcock University
Keywords: health information sources use, awareness, service delivery, resident doctor


The study investigated the relationship between health information source awareness, use and service delivery of resident doctors in Babcock University Teaching Hospital. The study adopted descriptive research design. Out of the 60 copies of questionnaire administered to all the resident doctors, 52 (87%) were returned and used for the study. The data were analyzed using percentages, mean and Pearson Product Method correlation. The findings revealed
there is no significant relationship between health information use and service delivery (r = 452, p < .05). The findings also revealed that the major health information sources consulted in Babcock University Teaching Hospital by resident doctors were medical textbooks, internet and personal collections. The major challenges facing resident doctors in Babcock University Teaching Hospital were non-availability of relevant information, inadequate information retrieval skills, lack of accessibility of sources. The study concluded that there is a need to provide more relevant materials and enhance the internet service in order to improve the quality of service delivery of resident doctors.