Job Satisfaction and Personal Factors among Medical Librarians

Empirical Evidence from Teaching Hospitals in Southern Nigeria

  • Violet E. Ikolo College of Health Science Library Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria
Keywords: Job Satisfaction, Personal Factors, Medical Librarians, Teaching Hospitals


This study was to provide empirical evidence of areas of job satisfaction among medical librarians, as well as record difference in job satisfaction based on personal factors (sex, age, educational qualification and years of work experience) ofmedical librarians in Southern Nigeria. The study used the descriptive survey method and made use of medical librarians from six selected teaching hospitals the Southern part of Nigeria. The study employed the use of a questionnaire adapted from the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire (MSQ) for the collection of data. The data collected were analyzed using Mean, Standard Deviation (SD), student t-test, and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at 0.05 level of significance. Five areas of job satisfaction were investigated. Results revealed that medical librarians are not satisfied with two areas, while they expressed satisfaction in three areas. The study recorded no significant difference in the job satisfaction of medical librarians based on their personal factors.