The Impact of MLA-NG Conference Attendance on Medical Librarians in Nigeria

  • Olalekan Moses Olayemi Library & Documentation Unit, Nigerian Institute of Medical Research, Lagos State, Nigeria
Keywords: Conference, Medical Librarians, Professional development, Medical Library Association of Nigeria


This study investigated the impact of the Medical Library Association of Nigeria (MLA-NG) conference attendance on medical librarians in Nigeria. The study employed survey design method and questionnaire was used for the data collection. The data obtained were analyzed using tables, frequency distribution, percentages and charts. The findings of the study revealed that majority of the respondents mentioned that they have attended the conference about twice or more and affirmed that the conferences attended have to a ‘great extent’ impacted on them. The findings also revealed
that the benefits derived from attending conference include: update on current trends in librarianship, opportunity to learn new skills, networking and socializing with librarians from other libraries. Despite the benefits of attending conference, it was observed that the major constraints to conference attendance include: lack of sponsorship, high cost of registration for participants, lack of awareness of the conference among others. The study therefore, recommended that heads of medical libraries should consciously set certain amount aside in their institutions’ library budget for conference sponsorship to ease cost of conference attendance for their staff. Also, organizers of conferences should also publicize schedules in good time using effective means of communication that can easily reach their members.