Awareness and Use of Reference Managers by Resident Doctors in Nigeria


  • Roseline Mitana Oshiname Timothy Olagbemiro Library, Bowen University, Iwo, Osun State, Nigeria
  • Grace Ada Ajuwon E. Latunde Odeku Medical Library, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan. Ibadan, Oyo State. Nigeria


Awareness, Health care institutions, Resident doctors, Reference Managers, Reference Management Software


Reference manager (RM) also known as reference management software (RMS) are tools used by researchers to organize and manage bibliographic references. They are citation tools that enable researchers to track the scientific papers they have read, sources consulted, cited and used to generate a reference list or bibliography. This study investigated the awareness and pattern of use of RM tools by Resident Doctors (RDs) in Nigeria. Cross-sectional survey design was adopted for the study and semi-structured questionnaire was used for the data collection. Respondents’ age was 35.9 ± 5.0, (53.8%) were males. Most of the respondents (92.9%) had heard of RM, 49.1% had ever used any RM with Mendeley topping the list (49.1%). However, many of the respondents (42.8%) did not use RM due to lack of requisite skills, while only (35.1%) respondents had ever received formal training on use of RM. Based on the findings of the study, it was recommended that awareness should be regularly created to encourage resident doctors to apply their knowledge of the tools in the management of their references while training should be conducted for those who do not use the tools.